• Here I like to play:

    • Party
    • Festival
    • Club
    • Event

    Here I don´t like to play:

    • Wedding
    • Christmas Party
    • Carnival Party
    Find out more about my Style of music and djing on Soundcloud.
  • We are two guys, very good friends.
    Had a lot of parties together.
    Then everyone started a new life in another city.
    After more than 2 years, we decided to do something together for the rest of our lives.
    We wanted to create something special that connects us both with the rest of the world.
    So we started 2017 producing "XtraOrdinary" music for edm. XO - XtraOrdinary.

  • I need a lot of help especially for the following points:

    • Mentor
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media updates
    • Homepage design
    • Homepage updates
    • Artist Manager
    • Booking Manager

The language everyone understands, Musik.

I know there are a lot of genres, a huge mess of DJs and Producers but everyone is different. Its like your personality. Its different to the person next to you. And the same is with music. I love to make music, to dance, to shake my heads through the beat and to make you feel great. Lets have a amazing time together.

How can I help you to feel better on good and especially bad days? To make your day to an amazing day? To get Gousebumps by listen to my Gig? I´m sure you know the answer. The only way to make amazing music is feedback. And you are the person who can help me. Please get in contact with me! here.